Serendeepity: the most original concept store of Milan

Another concept store, another story, this time in the area of Porta Ticinese.

An ancient oriental tale tells of how the King of Serendippo, Giaffer, had three children, all extremely educated but lacking every practical notions. For this reason, the three princes undertook a journey through the streets of the world, in order to face obstacles and overcome them, thus getting to know the real things and arriving at conclusions from the most diverse and disparate premises. Serendipity describes precisely this kind of trip, imaginary or real, meant to explore the unknown, guided by intuitions, inspirations and free will.

And it’s with this philosophy that this concept store opened: it is a place where the visitor can make exciting discoveries, whether it is a ring or an object of design. There are three different sections in this store: the musical one, where it is possible to buy CDs, headphones and accessories; the one of design, where the customer will be fascinated by the amount of objects and clothes, one more particular than the other; and finally that of art and culture, with a great selection of books, prints and much more.

The store also exposes some works of art of emerging artists: the characteristic that associates all these products is their originality able to trigger the customers’ attention and their ecstatic epiphanies.

Additional information:

Via Privata Sebastiano Serlio, 8/2, Milano, 20139 MI, Italia
Tue-Sat: 10.00-20.00 Sun-Mon: 15.00-20.00
02 36553787

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