Terms and Conditions

Minimum stay

Minimum stay: 3 nights.


Our apartment form is detailed and comprehensive. Our calendar is constantly updated but, in order to grant you with a better service, we invite our guests to contact us and to ask us specific information or to point out particular needs which we will try to satisfy.

The guest can:

  • get general information about the services offered or about the apartment

  • make a reservation for a specific apartment

We try our best to make the booking procedure simple and at the same time safe for both the customers and us. Here below you can see the different booking steps:

  • the guest sends the booking request + he can ask for any additional information or do any specific request via:

    • website

    • email

    • telephone

  • our staff will answer his questions and will send him back the booking form, filled with every possible information needed

  • if the guest wants to confirm the booking, he must accept via email the contract conditions and pay the downpayment (that is 30% of the entire sum)

  • if the downpayment is made via bank transfer, the receipt must be sent within 24 hours. After 24 hours the booking is no longer valid.

The contract is considered concluded only once the guest receives The Best Rent booking confirmation.

Cancellation Policy

Before checking-in

In order to confirm the booking, the guest must pay a downpayment, following these specifications:

  • 30% of the total amount for stays below 30 days

  • 50% of the first month for stays from 1 to 3 months

  • one month of rent for periods above 3 months

If the guest cancels the booking before his arrival or does not show up, this sum is not given back.

During the stay

If the guest decides to leave the apartment earlier:

  • for stays below 30 days, he loses the whole downpayment

  • for stays above 30 days, he pays the remaining 50% with a minimum of 1 month of rent and a maximum of 3 months of rent

Security deposit

In order to protect himself against any possible damage to the apartment, during the check-in the guest will be asked to deposit a security sum that will change depending on:

  • the period of stay

  • the total amount paid

The guest can pay the security deposit by:

  • cash

  • blocking the given amount on his credit card.

The security deposit will be given back to the guest within 5 working days from the check-out date only if the apartment has no signs of damage and every rule has been followed. If this is not the case, the sum needed to repair the damage will be deducted from the deposit. If the deposit wasn’t high enough to cover the damage, The Best Rent will ask for the additional money.

Payment methods

The guest must pay:


It must be paid through:

  • bank transfer
  • paypal

Rent amount

During the check- in the guest will pay:

  • for leases below 30 days, the whole rent by:
    • cash for amounts below 1000 €

    • credit card
  • for leases above 30 days, the difference between the first month of rent and the money already paid with the down payment, by:
    • cash for amounts below 1000 €

    • credit card

Every month, the guest will make sure to pay the monthly amount of the rent within the last day of the previous month, by:

  • cash (up to 1000€). The guest has to come to The Best Rent offices
  • credit card. The guest has to come to The Best Rent offices
  • bank transfer. It must be paid at least 7 days before the last day of the previous month.

Arrival and departure


The check-in takes place accordingly to the procedures and the timetable already discussed during the reservation, that normally are:

  • after 3pm (please, make arrangements for any other time)

An appointee of The Best Rent, present at the scheduled time of arrival, will be in charge to verify that all the material displayed in the inventory is actually at its own place and in a good shape. Moreover, he will be in charge to give to the guest:

  • keys

  • apartment form, which includes inventory, helpful numbers and The Best Rent contacts

  • informative brochures about the city and its events

  • The Best Rent general rules and the apartment specific rules

  • house rules

  • contract to be signed

The guest will:

  • pay the balance and the security deposit to the TBR appointee, following the methods predetermined

  • give to the appointee the documents of all those living in the house. We remind you that we do not accept guests without a valid ID or a different ID from the one specified during the booking process.


For short periods of time, below one week, we ask the guest to give us the exact check-out time; for longer periods of time, the guest can tell us the exact check-out time one week before the departure date. An appointee of The Best Rent will be in the apartment during the check-out to examine it with the guest and to verify that every rule (both general and specific to the apartment) has been followed and everything is at its own place.

Access to the property

After having informed the guest and taking arrangements with him, an appointee of The Best Rent will be able to enter the property in order to:

  • verify the apartment conditions

  • carry on any possible repair

  • show the apartment to a third party

If the apartment is considered by the appointee in unacceptable conditions, the company will send its own staff to repair the damage and the tenants will be charged with the expenses.

General rules

The tenant will have to follow these rules from the reservation process to the check-out. If the tenant does not respect one or more, he will be charged with a penalty.

The tenant has to:

  • respect the time of check-in and check-out agreed and promptly notify in the case of delays

  • return the apartment in the same conditions in which he found it

  • let inside the apartment only those people he has indicated in the reservation form. Any exception must be agreed in advance with the company, also for necessary legal requirements

  • let inside the apartment foreigners with a valid residence permit. The tenants take complete responsibility to verify such a declaration

  • keep unchanged the apartment function and do not let any third party use it

  • live carefully and do not get involved in any actions that could cause any damage to the property, in which case the tenant will pay for

  • respect the house rules and the rules of the apartment written in the “specific apartment rules” sent to the tenant together with the booking form

  • do not let any stranger in the apartment

  • do not give out any copies of the apartment and/or the codes. If the tenant loses the keys he will have to replace the lock and pay for six copies of the new lock

  • do not let any animals in

  • keep the apartment neat and tidy

The tenant agrees that The Best rent may, upon notice, send its representative to view the apartment. The tenant also agrees that, if The Best Rent appointee considers the apartment kept in unacceptable conditions, The Best Rent can send its staff over to restore, clean or tidy it and charge the tenant with the expenses.

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