What to do in Milan – the five typical Milanese evenings

Milan is the capital of fashion, of work, of night life. It is a lively city, characterized by a constant activity, even at night. A city where it is impossible to get bored and which has a lot of things to offer, managing to satisfy anybody’s tastes. This is the reason why in Milan both the lover of the night life and the lover of chilling-out-evenings – a good movie at the cinema, maybe – can be happy. Any zone of this city is rich with surprises, in any corner. This article is thought to give you some tips about what to do in Milan at night, showing you which are the five typical Milanese evenings, which we hope that can get to form part of your habits.

If you are a Japan style lover, choose sushi

In the last years, there has been a real boom of the Japan style. Books, music, art: everything is full of Japan. And if museums and bookstores are full of pieces of this beautiful country, the same is for gastronomy. Have you ever tried the famous tempura or the even more famous sushi and sashimi? Milan is full of Japanese restaurants and sushi bars, mostly offering the “all you can eat” service. With a fixed price, you will have the possibility of eating everything you want (and can) – like the above-mentioned service says. There are some places where eating with this formula is really convenient: you will eat high quality raw fish, nighiri and much more for 15 euros in the morning and 25 at night, as much. On the other hand, if this is your first time with Japanese food, we suggest you to start with the miso soup – the ideal dish to warm you during this cold days. Keep on having salmon sashimi and tartare. Keep in mind that if you want to take the best from the all you can eat service, the secret is the following – do not eat too much rice, instead eat raw fish, soups and some uramaki.

If you are a night life lover, choose the places of Milanese movida: the Navigli district and the new darsena

Do you like enjoying hanging out at night to get some social life? Do you like the places full of people – almost overcrowded – and of places where having a cocktail together with a bunch of friends? If your answer is yes, the Milanese movida is what you are searching for. Milan is rich with places where spending some nights out with friends all night long, if you love night life. In particular, we suggest you a specific zone if you are a night life lover – the Navigli district. Walking along corso di Porta Ticinese and going close to the well-known “columns” – the meeting point of the Milanese youth – you will get to Porta Genova, the “door” through which entering the amazing world of the Navigli. This system of watery channels – quiet and romantic in the afternoon and lively at night – is the meeting point of all the Milanese viveur. Generally speaking, their typical evening consists of having a cocktail – with alchool, of course – in some places along the banks of the channels; afterwards, they enjoy a stroll up to the new darsena, the space in front of the Naviglio grande, which will remind you of the romantic Venice, someway.

If you want to live like a Milanese: the aperitivo

Do you want to dive in a real Milanese habit? Then you have to try the well-known aperitivo. During the week, the average Milanese is always busy – running to work in the morning, then working for eight hours (at least) and then, generally, spending time for taking care of their body, joining some course at the gym or with a personal trainer, for those who can pay for him! Therefore, haning out at night is out of question. In order to avoid the lack of social life, the Milanese manages to kill two pigeons with one shot, optimizing time and energies, like a good Stakhanovite: the aperitivo. After his eight – or more – hours of work, the Milanese enjoys his aperitivo relaxing with his friends or, more often, with some colleagues of his. With a medium price of ten euros, you can enjoy a cocktail and eating whatever you want from the buffet. So if you want to feel like a real Milanese, we suggest you to try the aperitivo of “Iguana”, placed in the zone of Porta Ticinese.

If you love art and you are a little bit radical and chic, check out the happenings: exhibitions, shows and vernissages

Milan i salso very active in the field of art. It is not a case that in this city there is the famous Brera Academy and there are also lots of events linked to the world of art. If you love art and attending exhibitions and vernissages, Milan is the right place for you. Museums like Palazzo Reale, Museo del Novecento and Brera Academy are not the only places where these events take place. In this city you have the possibility to attend some more chic events linked to the world of art. It is enough to keep your eyes wide open and following the right newsletters to be informed about the happenings of the Milanese artistic underground!

If music is your passion and you love listening to it live – concerts in Milan

If you do not like none of these evenings and your real, only passioni s music, do not worry: in Milan there are a lot of surprise for you, too. Indeed, this city is one of the most active Italian centres speaking of live performances and concerts, hosting very important singers and artists from both the Italian and international music landscape. If you like discovering new groups and singers, places like Cicco Simonetta (zone of Sant’Agostino) or the Salumeria della musica (zone of Abbiategrasso) are the right places for you. On the other hand, if you rather listen to mainstream music and the underground music does not form part of your passions, you just have to choose among several places where finding famous groups and singers – the Alcatraz, the Fabrique, the Assago Forum and the circolo Magnolia are just few of the places hosting artists like Carmen Consoli or Zucchero. Do not panic: if you love foreign music rather than Italian, here you will also find international artists. The program of these places do not lack anything!

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