Alcatraz: dancing at the sound of rock music

If only the idea of a white shirt or high heels makes you shiver with fear, if you prefer a pint of beer instead of cocktails in stylish glasses and if you know by heart all the Guns and Roses’ songs… then Alcatraz is what you are looking for! On Saturday evenings, the club hosts a rock night and until 4 in the morning a repertoire worth the Woodstock nostalgics is played.

The Alcatraz has been decorated in an extraordinary and extremely scenic way. Before midnight a curtain splits the club into two. Thirty seconds before midnight, the countdown starts and it is projected on the television screens scattered around the club. Do not panic if you will be hugged by strangers howling in your hears the countdown numbers: every weekend here is a bit like New Year’s Eve. When midnight strikes, the curtains open and you will be able to dance in the whole, wide club and to see two huge cages in which a half-naked girl and a far too greasy boy dance dynamically.

If you prefer softer melodies to guitar solos, then go there on Friday night, when the Alcatraz organizes a commercial night. In short, whichever your musical tastes are, we’re sure you’ll never get bored in here!

Additional information:

Via Valtellina, 25, Milano, MI, Italia
Ven e sab: 23.30-04.00
02 69016352

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