Al Mercato: a passion for street food

Beniamino Nespor is tall, blond and has lived half of his life in the States. Eugenio Roncoroni is shaved, his body is adorned with tattoos and his blood is half-American. The two met behind the school desks and became soon friends. They grew up, traveled a lot, discovered a passion for cooking and then met again in Milan, this time with no backpacks full of exercise books but with the intention of translating their hobby into a business.

This is how, after evenings spent discussing names, permissions, concepts and furnishings, Al Mercato saw its origins. The location is very hidden and you’ll have to look for it or you’ll never find it by chance. Al Mercato is very small and most of the space is occupied by the large kitchen where Beniamino, Eugenio and their helper chefs juggle with pots and pans. The line to get in is always long: many customers order a beer while waiting for the canonical 30 minutes to enter. If you don’t want to wait and the weather is favorable, then just order the food to take away and head to the Parish of St. Eufemia: the small garden in front of the church is equipped with benches that seem to have been made specifically for those customers who do not wish to wait for an empty table but, instead, have nothing in their minds but to tear their sandwich apart.

Moreover, by sitting on these benches, you will be in perfect harmony with the philosophy of Al Mercato, which specializes in street food. We recommend you to try the nachos “al mercato” (served with a special sauce), a burger with the addition of jalapeno jam and hummus… and, finally, do not miss for any reason the onion rings, super large and perfectly deep-fried… a real treat!

Additional information:

Via Sant’Eufemia, 16, Milano, MI, Italia
Lun-sab: 12.30-15.00 20.00-00.00 Dom: 12.30-16.00
€ 15-35
02 87237167

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