The cocktail bar with the most exclusive aperitivo of Milan: Rita!

From the name you would expect to be served by a woman, perhaps with an apron tied around her waist. Instead, Rita’s staff is made of young people with bright smiles that pamper customers with kindnesses of all kinds.

The restaurant is one of the most famous in Milan and its drinks are a must for anyone who is around the Navigli. The aperitivo servings are small, do not expect a huge buffet, but their elegant design makes them a real treat for the eyes.

Apart from its apertivo, Rita is famous for its cocktails, considered the best in Milan. Alongside with the classic long island and vodka lemon, in fact, you can try some truly special drinks, to which the bar owes its fame. Rita prides itself not to use any syrups or powders: all its cocktail, in short, are prepared with genuine and refined ingredients. We tried the Willy Wonka, one of their specialties. It is made by shaking 6 teaspoons of jam with ginger, a teaspoon of honey, two cl of lime juice, 1.5 cl of white cocoa crème, 5 cl of gin and a drop of bergamot oil. After having shaken the whole mix, the bartender will add a bit of liquid chocolate and an orange peel. These delights will not cost you more than any other cocktail you’ll find in Milan, that is to say around 8 and 10 euros. Go there and taste one of these delights and remember… ordering a beer at Rita is a real sacrilege!

Additional information:

Via Angelo Fumagalli, 1, Milano, MI, Italia
Everyday: 18.30-02.00
€ 8-13
02 8372865

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