Tunnel: music and concerts in a former station tunnel

No more travelers with trolleys, backpacks or tickets in hand: this tunnel of the Central Station is now crowded with young people who move their heads at the rhythm of electronic music. The Tunnel is one of the clubs most in vogue in Milan at the moment. It hosts some of the most alternative events of the city and usually the queue to enter is pretty long. Be patient however and wait in line, we assure you the club is worth it!

You will enter a long, narrow and poorly lit space. A tunnel by all means. The console is at the end of the room and, behind it, there is a screen projecting some lights and images you will be able to appreciate much more after a couple of cocktails. The Tunnel hosts both concerts and dj-sets: we recommend it to you if you want to dance around and listen to good music, especially if you can’t stand Pitubull’s hits any longer!

Additional information:

Via G. B. Sammartini, 30, Milano, MI, Italia
Fri-Sat: 23.00- 05.00
331 8099952

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