Two Oasis of Peace: Piazza Sant’Alessandro and Giardini della Guastalla

You are in Piazza Missori. Take Via Zebedia, pass by the old lady asking for money, be careful not to stumble on the pavè and turn right. Here it is, in front of you, one of the most hidden, most peaceful and most beautiful squares of Milan. It is called Piazza Alessandro and it encompasses the Department of Languages and Literatures of the University Statale, a couple of bars and a magnificent church. The church was built at the end of 1500, joining together two different constructions, the St. Pancrazio oratory and another church dedicated to the Saint who was confined in the prison once located in Via Zebedia. You have to climb the stairs to enter the church: you will be immediately struck by the rich decorations and the wonderful frescos… a real triumph of the barocco style!

After having visited the church, find a minute for yourself and order an Espresso in one of the two cafés in the square or, if you are hungry, go to the right side of the square and eat a piadina. Relax a bit, enjoying the beautiful panorama of the church: we assure you, nothing will disturb you, apart from some students chatting in English, Russian or Spanish!

If it is a warm day and you feel like spending some time under the shadow of a tree, then go to the Guastalla Gardens. You can get there from Via Francesco Sforza, via San Barnaba and via della Guastalla: the gardens are perfect to spend some time in total relax. Once belonging to the Guastalla Boarding School, this small park was modernized in 1938 by architect Renzo Gerla, who built, among the other things, the fish farm and a couple of statues portraying the Virgin Mary surrounded by angels.

Spend some time in here and relax from the hustle of the city!

(Address and hours are referred to the Giardini della Guastalla)

Additional information:

Via Francesco Sforza, Milano, MI, Italia
April: 07.00-21.00 May-September: 07.00-22.00 November-December: 7.00-19.00

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