Tramè: the real, soft Venetian tramezzino in Milan

Milan is a real melting pot. A mix of cultures from all over the world, from Europe and from all the Italian zones contribute to make this city a big, varied cultural mosaic. Milan is a big red, white and green salad bowl, where you can find the typical Milanese delicacies as well as any kind of nouvelle cuisine and street food. Speaking of which, the Venetian “tramezzini” are worth a mention. “What’s so peculiar about two slices of bread with some filling?” you may think reading these lines. Do not let yourselves be cheated by the simple nature of this food because these “two slices of bread with some fillings” are a traditional, almost holy component of the Venetian culture. If you want to try the real tramezzino, Tramé is the right place. Here you can find the authentic Venetian tramezzino, “typically smile-shaped” – according to the definition given by the staff of this place. If you want to follow the tradition of the land of the Doges, choose classic fillings like ham steak-mushrooms or tuna-hard cooked eggs. We warmly recommend those who like “breaking the rules” and giving something new a try to taste fillings like smoked salmon-avocado-poppy seeds-cream cheese and/or gorgonzola cheese-green apple-walnuts. Two real delicacies, we can say it by experience. Combine your tramezzino with the typical Venetian drink – the Spritz, a mix between soda water, Prosecco (an Italian dry sparkling wine) and Aperol. Stop at Tramé and take a break from your wandering around Milan – this place will not let you down. The proof of the pudding – or of the tramezzino! – is in the eating.

Additional information:

Piazza San Simpliciano, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon-Tue: 10 a.m.-10 p.m.; Wed-Sun: 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
€ 5-10
02 841 05 336

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