A historical Milanese bar behind Piazza Vetra

To go to Rattazzo you shouldn’t be picky. What you can’t say about this bar is that it is super clean, tidy and tastefully furnished. But we really like it, we spent many evenings in here and we think it is necessary to pay homage to it and to the person who stands behind the counter and who seems a bit grumpy but actually has a heart of gold.

The person in question is the owner of the pub, Mr. Piero Rattazzo, who opened this place something like fifty years ago and, despite the advancing age, has no intention of retiring because, as he likes to say “being among young people rejuvenates you.”

At the beginning, way back to the ’60s, he used to sell only wine, importing it from its country of origin, Nizza Monferrato, in the province of Asti. Now, he sells everything, from beer to wine, from cocktails to spirits … ask and you shall get ! In the early days, the Rattazzo was attended mostly by students. Now, the clientele is a bit more diversified and you can also find some popular faces in the crowd, like that of Lapo Elkan, who lives nearby and often spends some time with Piero talking about football.

It is thanks to Mr. Rattazzo that we have had a real revolution in the world of drinking! Some years after its opening, in fact, Piero realized that lots of people, especially in the summer, did not like the idea of ​​staying locked inside four walls, but rather preferred to lie down in the park in the nearby Piazza Vetra. So, he decided to install self-service fridges with beers at very low prices that young customers could pick up and carry to the park. And in fact, at the Rattazzo, you will see lots of people both inside and outside the venue.

The atmosphere we breathe is always festive and cheerful. Piero welcomes his customers with a kind smile and, to those who are a bit more friendly or kind, he also tells them a few anecdotes about Milan, like that time when one of his habitués were the journalist Mentana and Vallanzasca before beginning his criminal career. In short, the Rattazzo is a historical place in Milan where, in our opinion, it is necessary to make a stop!

 Additional information:

Via Vetere, 12 Milano
Mar-sab: 15.30-01.30
€ 3-7
02 8372388

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