General term & conditions

General terms and conditions

General terms & conditions


  1. a) The Best Rent S.r.l. has been duly authorized by the Owner to arrange rentals of the Accommodation; b) the Guest will stay at the Accommodation for the period agreed with The Best Rent S.r.l. according to the general terms & conditions set out in this Contract; c) The Best Rent S.r.l. will lease the Accommodation to the Guest for the period set out above and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract. Now, therefore, the Parties agree as follows.
  2. Premises and attachments

Premises and attachments form integral part of the Contract. Any amendment to the Contract must be agreed in writing between the Parties.

  1. Subject

The present Vacation Rental Contract covers the conditions for The Best Rent S.r.l. to let the Accommodation to the Guest on short term basis, alongside with the provision of additional services, usually similar but not limited to those offered by hotels, upon payment of the rental fee established by the Company.

  1. Booking polices and subscription of the Contract

3.1 The Guest chooses the preferred Accommodation for short term rental on the website, or on another online provider. The Guest can submit an enquiry by calling The Best Rent S.r.l at +39 02 3668 3400, by sending an email to, or by filing the online “Information request” form.

3.2 After receiving the requested information, The Best Rent S.r.l. sends to the Guest an email with the object: “★★ Name Surname – Confirm your reservation” regarding the Accommodation chosen by the Guest, which contains the following: details of the Accommodation and to a link in an online reserved area, i.e. an online page with information about the Accommodation and the booking, as well as the instructions to settle the online prepayment required to confirm the reservation. In details:

  1. a) the address and the details of the chosen Accommodation;
    b) term of the contract as agreed with the Guest;
    c) the rental fee (the full amount if the rental period is shorter than 1 month; the monthly fee for periods longer than 1 month) and the city tax;
  2. d) the prepayment to confirm the reservation; e) the deposit to pay at the check-in; f) the cancellation policy (Article 7); g) the capacity of the Accommodation; h) the time of check-in and check-out; i) the services included in the price paid by the Guest; l) extra services available provided upon request (with price list).

3.3 In the same website the Guest should tick two boxes: the first one to accept the Terms & Conditions, the second one to accept additional service conditions. The Guest will sign the paper rental contract at the check-in after having read the general Terms & Conditions.

The prepayment must be paid within 24 hours from entering the booking request (the deadline will be indicated in the online area). After 24 hours the booking request expires. Therefore, The Best Rent S.r.l. cannot guarantee the Accommodation chosen by the Guest will remain available.

3.4 The Guest should fill the online area (Article 3) as requested, for instance entering the personal data of all the people who will stay in the Accommodation. In addition, the Guest must accept the Terms & Conditions.

3.5 The Guest can choose to pay the prepayment to The Best Rent S.r.l. by bank transfer. In this case, the payment receipt must be sent to The Best Rent S.r.l. email within 24 hours.

3.6 If the Guest sends the bank transfer receipt later than the deadline set at Article 3.5, and the Accommodation is not available anymore, The Best Rent S.r.l. may offer the Guest another Accommodation, if possible. The price may vary.

3.7 Within 24 hours from receiving the offer (see Article 3.6), the Guest should inform the Company by email about the acceptance or refusal of the Accommodation.

3.8 Should the Accommodation offered not been accepted, the Guest must inform The Best Rent S.r.l. in writing. The Company will return the prepayment within 10 days from the receipt of the said communication.

  1. Payment methods
    4.1 Upon signature of the Contract, the prepayment is used to confirm the reservation pursuant to Article 1385 of the Civil Code. The prepayment will be kept by The Best Rent S.r.l., in case the Guest decides to cancel the reservation.

4.2 The Guest will pay the remainder of the rental fee, as stated in the online area and in the email “★★ Name Surname – confirm your reservation” as in Article 3.2, par. C of the present Contract, before the check-in, i.e. before the registration and the key exchange. For periods longer than 1 month the rental fee must be paid before the first day of the month the payment refers to. Cash payments higher than €1,999.00 are not allowed.

4.3 Stays longer than 30 days: if the Guest completes the payment later than the first day of the month, a penalty of 50€ increased of 10€ per each day of delay, will be applied. In case of late or missed payment, The Best Rent S.r.l. reserves the right to terminate the Contract as stated in the general Terms & Conditions.

4.4 If the Guest leaves the Accommodation earlier than agreed after completing the check-in procedures, The Best Rent S.r.l has the right to keep the entire amount paid by the Guest or any other sum stated in the “ Cancellation policy” (see the following Article 7).

4.5 The price stated in Article 4.2 includes water, electricity and gas consumption up to a maximum daily rate depending from the type of Accommodation, as indicated in the Delivery report (Attachment A) given at the check-in.

The personnel of The Best Rent S.r.l. will read the electricity and gas meter at check-in and check-out. Any difference in the meter reading will be multiplied by the parameters stated in the Delivery report; the result is the amount to be considered. Should it be higher than the rates stated above, the exceeding amount must be paid by the Guest to The Best Rent S.r.l. upon check-out.

4.6 If the Guest is required to pay the local city tax to the municipality, The Best Rent S.r.l. will collect the tax on behalf of the municipality according to current regulations.

4.7 Any sum due by the Guest to The Best Rent S.r.l. must be paid by one of the following methods:

  • In cash, only for amounts lower than €1,999.00, only in the office of The Best Rent S.r.l;
  • Credit card at the check-in; if on-Line on the website you pay by PayPal o credit card;
  • Bank transfer, to be performed at the latest 7 days before the check-in or, in case of stays longer than 30 days within the monthly deadlines agreed above, sending the payment receipt to The Best Rent S.r.l.

Any other payment method is excluded.

  1. Security deposit

5.1 Before the check-in the Guest must pay to The Best Rent S.r.l. the security deposit indicated in this Contract in the “Reservation summary” as stated in the email “★★ Name Surname – confirm your reservation” and in the online area (Article 3.2). The security deposit will not bear any interest.

The security deposit shall be paid in the event of any damage to the Accommodation caused by the Guest. In addition, it may be used by The Best Rent S.r.l. to settle payments still due by the Guest.

5.2 Within 72 working hours from the check-out, i.e. when the Accommodation has been thoroughly checked after the departure of the Guest, The Best Rent S.r.l. will refund the entire security deposit to the Guest. If the Guest has caused any damage or malfunction to the Accommodation, The Best Rent S.r.l. will deduct from the deposit the sum due to repay the damage pursuant to Article 5.1 after evaluating and qualifying the damage.

5.3 Upon leaving the Accommodation or in any case within 15 days from receiving a written payment request from The Best Rent S.r.l., the Guest must pay the sum required to refund the damage exceeding the deposit caused to the Accommodation by the him/herself or by other tenants, pursuant to Article 5.1 and 5.2.

  1. Duration of the contract
    6.1 The duration of the rental Contract is stated in the email “★★ Name Surname – Confirm your reservation”, in the online area and in this Contract. At the end of the lease term the Guest will leave the Accommodation without any further notice from his or her side, request and/or communication to leave the Accommodation by either The Best Rent S.r.l. or the Owner.

6.2 Due to the type of Contract, no implicit extension of the said or of the rental period will be granted to the Guest or to any tenant.

  1. Cancellation policy
    7.1 In accordance with Article 4.4, the prepayment paid by the Guest to The Best Rent S.r.l. will be used to confirm the reservation upon signature of the agreement (see Article 3). The amount of the prepayment depends from the duration of the stay.

7.2 Cancellation policy before the Guest’s arrival
If the Guest cancels the reservation anytime before the arrival or does not show at the check-in (no show), The Best Rent S.r.l. will have the right to keep the entire amount paid by the Guest as prepayment.


7.3 Cancellation of reservation during the stay
If the Guest decides to interrupt the stay at the Accommodation for any reason, and the Contract is shorter than 30 days, the Guest will not have the right to the return of any sum, and The Best Rent S.r.l. will legally retain the whole amount paid by the Guest.

If the Guest decides to interrupt the stay at the Accommodation for any reason, and the Contract is longer than 30 days, the Guest must give advance notice of at least 30 days, without which the Guest must pay a penalty equal to one month.

The Guest must always refund the expenses he or she entered pursuant to Article 4, as well as what is needed to compensate the damages incurred by the Company.

  1. Replacement of the Accommodation

8.1 The Best Rent S.r.l. has the right to replace the Accommodation with another one of the same or higher quality according to its own judgment any time before the start or over the rental period, should the Accommodation chosen by the Guest not be usable due to force majeure or for any reason not attributable to the Company.

The Guest has the right not to accept the replacement of the Accommodation proposed by The Best Rent S.r.l. The sums paid to up to that point will be refunded to the Guest, except for those related to the services and/or rental periods he or she already benefitted from. In addition, the Guest renounces to any kind of compensation for damages caused by the failure to use the Accommodation or any other reason.

  1. Delivery and restitution of the Accommodation
    9.1 To perform the Accommodation consignment procedures (check-in), the Guest must arrive at the time stated in front of the Accommodation. The personnel of The Best Rent S.r.l. will then issue the delivery report containing:
  • Description of the Accommodation, its furniture and decorations;
  • Details of any precious object or item to beware of;
  • Reading of gas and electricity meters.

The Guest signs the report, also on behalf of the other people staying at the Accommodation, and he/she is given the keys by the representative of The Best Rent S.r.l. From now on the Guest is the tenant of the Accommodation, therefore he/she will be liable for any damage or breakdown caused to it.

9.2 At the check-in, the Guest must show to the representative of The Best Rent S.r.l. the IDs of all the people staying at the Accommodation.

9.3 The Guest must promptly update The Best Rent S.r.l. on delayed check-in time.

The Best Rent S.r.l. will not be responsible for any damage If the Guest arrives late at the check-in, provided that The Best Rent S.r.l. has been promptly informed, the following extra fees will be applied: the regular check-in time is from 15.00 to 21.00; additional fee of 30€ for check-in between 21.00 and 24.00. In case of delayed check-in, a penalty from 30€ will be applied in addition to the fees listed above, should the Guest not have informed the Company within 2 hours before the time previously agreed.

9.4 The maximum delay allowed to the Guest is 1 hour upon the time previously agreed, provided that the Company has been promptly informed pursuant to Article 9.3. After that, the Guest will be considered renunciative and the reservation will be cancelled as stated in Article 7.

9.5 On the day and at the time agreed for the check-out, the Guest will return the keys of the Accommodation to the representative of The Best Rent S.r.l., who will thoroughly check the Accommodation itself, its appliances, furniture and equipment within 24 hours.

Should the keys be returned at a time different than the standard, extra charges apply: the standard check-out time is from 8.00 to 11.00. Additional fee of 20€ for check-out between 7.00 and 8.00; additional fee of 60€ for check-out before 7.00.

9.7 If the Guest performs the check-out autonomously, The Best Rent will check the Accommodation and, except in case of damages or breakdown, it will return the security deposit as stated in the Article 5.2. The Best Rent has the right to deduct from the deposit missing payments related to the reservation, penalties applied during the stay, additional services purchased as well as any damage caused by the Guest.

  1. Obligations of the Guest
    10.1 The Guest will pay to the The Best Rent S.r.l. the entire amount stated in the present Contract. Payments due cannot be interrupted or postponed for any reason.

10.2 The Guest will return the Accommodation, its furniture, appliances, equipment and keys to The Best Rent S.r.l. in the same conditions they were as they were delivered and as described in the report of Article 9.1.

10.3 The Guest will promptly inform The Best Rent S.r.l. of any breakdown and/or damage occurred at the Accommodation, its furniture, appliances, equipment and objects, in order to allow rapid maintenance.

10.4 The Guest undertakes that only the people whose ID has been provided at the check-in, will occupy the Accommodation. Exceptions must be agreed beforehand with the Company pursuant with the law.

10.5 The Guest declares that any foreign citizen staying at the Accommodation complies with the Italian immigration law, and he or she has full responsibility for the truthfulness of this statement. The Best Rent S.r.l. will forward the personal details of the people staying at the Accommodation to the Police Authorities.

10.6 The Guest undertakes not to provide the Accommodation for use of third parties and not to change its intended use.

10.7 The Guest has the duty to treat the Accommodation with reasonable care, avoiding what may damage the property, its furniture and objects, appliances, equipment and belongings. The Guest will indemnify The Best Rent S.r.l. and anyone who has right to compensation in respect of any damage he or she may have caused.

10.8 The Guest must comply with and ensure that the other occupants of the Accommodation comply with both the neighborhood and the house rules available in the property, supplied per email and laid out in the delivery report.

10.9 The Guest will not allow any other person to access the Accommodation.

10.10 The Guest will not copy or give the Accommodation keys or the security codes to other people. If the Guest loses the keys, he or she will reimburse the costs for the replacement of the lock and 6 bunches of keys.

10.11 The Guest will not keep pets, unless otherwise agreed with The Best Rent S.r.l.

10.12 The Guest will keep the Accommodation clean and tidy and accept that a representative of The Best Rent S.r.l. may come to the Accommodation to check its conditions with prior notice. The Guest also accepts that, should the representative of The Best Rent S.r.l. judge the Accommodation not in proper conditions, a cleaning service may be arranged at charge of the Guest.

10.13 Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is forbidden. In the event of breach to this clause the fine may cost up to 500 Euro.

10.14 The Guest will not assign the Contract and/or the rights deriving from it to third persons under any circumstance, otherwise it will be declared invalid.

10.15 The Guest cannot change, update, improve or increase the Accommodation, its furniture, appliances, equipment and decorations, otherwise the Contract will be declared invalid.

  1. Termination of the Contract
    11.1 Pursuant to Article 1456 of the Civil Code, the Contract signed between the Parties may be lawfully terminated if the Guest:
  • Does not pay the rental fee within the check-in;
  • Does not pay the rental fee within the check-in or, for periods longer than 30 days, the monthly rent within the deadline set in Article 4;
  • Does not pay the deposit of Article 5 and 7 at the check-in;
  • Provides the Accommodation for use of third parties, either for long or for short term, assigns or transfers the rights of the Contract to third parties for any reason;
  • Changes the intended use of the Accommodation, or changes, updates, improves or increases the Accommodation, its furniture, appliances, equipment and decorations;
  • Allows people not previously authorized by or communicated to the The Best Rent S.r.l. to stay at the Accommodation.

11.2 The Best Rent S.r.l. may exercise its termination right by written notification to the Guest in the form it deems more appropriate.

11.3 If the termination clause is applied, the Guest does not have the right to the refund of any sum paid at any time and for any reason to the Company. On the contrary, The Best Rent S.r.l. preserves all its rights, including the right to request payment of pending rental fees and compensation of damages.

  1. Responsibilities of The Best Rent S.r.l.

12.1 Contractual liability of The Best Rent S.r.l. towards the Guest is limited to the sum he or she pays for the services regulated by the present Contract.

12.2 The Company will be not responsible for any interruption and/or disruption of electricity, gas, telephone and/or internet connection, cable TV.

12.3 The Best Rent S.r.l. will not be liable for losses suffered by the Guest due to water leaking, toxic fumes, thefts or damages of any kind.

12.4 In case of additional services requested by the Guest and not provided directly by its own personnel, The Best Rent S.r.l. will not be liable for malfunctioning or negligence resulting from the people or companies in charge of such services.

  1. Complains

13.1 The Guest must immediately make claims to The Best Rent S.r.l., and in any case, within 15 days of the end of the rental period, otherwise they will be declared unacceptable.

  1. Applicable jurisdiction and governing law

14.1 Any controversy between the parties arising out of or in relation to this Agreement, its execution, termination, extension or interpretation will be submitted to Milan Court of Justice. The Agreement is governed by the Italian laws and, should the Italian and the other versions differ, the Italian version will prevail.


  1. Privacy
    15.1 The Guest authorizes The Best Rent S.r.l. to use and communicate his or her personal data to third persons allowed by the Company, in order to carry out the present Terms & Conditions and the rental contract pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments.

15.2 The Guest is informed that his or her personal data will be processed by The Best Rent S.r.l. and authorized third persons for the execution of the contract only.


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