Al Coccio: not only beer!

If you love artisan beers you cannot miss the Al Coccio pub. Located at the heart of the Navigli district, Al Coccio is not the typical pub, but an alternative place where you can taste delicious fresh beers, served in a typical cotto mug, which has given origin to the pub’s name – Al Coccio (in Italian, “Coccio” means cotto) – a mixture of retro and country style. 

The pub offers a wide choice of artisan beers, all of them incredibly tasty and of top quality, served in the typical colorful cotto mug, shown on the menu. You will be given a small notebook, written in typewriter fonts: for sure it’s a peculiar, yet friendly object! And there is more: you can eat in the pub, too! 

Vegetarians will love the large variety of food available here: not only refined, innovative “panini”, but also simple yet delicious specialties. We suggest “il crudele” (the evil), seasoned with chianina tartare (precious Italian minced beef), buffalo milk stracciatella (Italian cheese) with a side of raw spinach, peppers, nettle pesto and gherkins. 

Not only the beer is special, but also the pub: don’t let the entrance fool you! The interiors are not fully traditional, but have a bold design, mixing up vintage and country style: books and antique objects mirroring the pub’s soul, the ideal place for a relaxing evening with friends to enjoy and drink to your health. What are you waiting for?

Additional information:
Via Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 2, Milano, Italia
lun: 19-02; mart-ven 12 -16,19 -02; sab-dom 13 -02

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