An Italian restaurant next to the Arco della Pace

Literally, a stone’s throw from the Arco della Pace, The Posteria di Nonna Papera is one of the few restaurants in the historical center of Milan where you can eat a good meal without spending a fortune. We went there on one of those summer days where Milan looks like a Caribbean city with hot, never-ending rainstorms… and, of course, we had no umbrellas with us. Luckily, on the Posteria doorway, smoking Virginia slim, there was Lamberto, the owner of the restaurant, who let us in even though it was still closed. “You’re soaked! Come in, I’ll get you a hot tea. A hot tea in June … that’s crazy!”.

Lamberto is friendly and chatty; he moves around the room nimbly and tells us his story. “For twenty years I have been a real estate agent. Then, one happy day, I got bored and decided to change business and open this place”. The Posteria di Nonna Papera is a simple place, furnished in a homely way, and offering traditional Italian dishes at decent prices: pasta with tomato sauce, risotto alla Milanese, cotoletta cooked in butter, trofie with octopus … “The chef is very good…no one has ever complained!”.

Among the members of Lamberto’s staff there is Simone Ruggiati, “the good-looking one from the TV show Cuochi & Fiamme”  and among the customers you often see VIPs. Lamberto reminds us quite frequently that he has just opened a new place a couple of meters away from the Posteria. It is called Bruschetta & Michetta and it is a bistro that specializes in the production of sandwiches of all kinds. “For example, the one with the caramelized onions, which must be kept in the oven for three and a half hours … it costs me more of light than anything else.” Pop into one of two restaurants and exchanged a few words with Lamberto… we assure you a great meal and a lot of fun!

Additional information:

Via Francesco Piermarini, 4, Milano
Lun-ven: 12.15-14.30 19.30-23.45 Sab: 19.30-23.45
€ 25-40
02 33105757

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