Emporium and restaurant: let us show you the Taglio of Via Vigevano

It’s the apocalypse day. Or the beginning of World War III. Or, more simply, it is the day in which the last carrot that used to live in your fridge decided to commit suicide because it suffered of an excruciating loneliness. Do not be afraid. If that day was about to come, just go to Il Taglio, a bistro-emporium where you can sit down and eat something or buy literally everything you read on the menu.

The restaurant is managed by four friends, Gianluca, Andrea, Raffaello and Marco. The menu changes every day, but some dishes remain there all the time, like the cotoletta sbagliata, a version of the classic Milanese cotoletta flavored with oranges and almonds, the asparagus risotto and the pumpkin cream. The prices are in the Milanese average, perhaps you pay a few euros more for some dishes (such as bread, butter and jam that costs about 4 €) but you can be sure of the excellent quality. One of their specialties is the benedict eggs.

Andrea explained to us the origin of the name (taglio means cut): ” We called it this way partly because we gave it a cut with our previous lives by opening this place and partly because we wanted to commemorate Fontana’s artistic movement which went beyond all rules and conventions … and that’s what we wanted to do with Taglio, half restaurant, half bistro, halt emporium! “.

So, whether you need to make provisions and then lock yourself in your house to escape from zombies, or you simply want to enjoy a genuine and tasty meal, Il Taglio is the place you are looking for! Ah, beware, the bathroom is hard to find: the door is at the right side of the counter, well hidden behind the wall full of illustrations!

Additional information:

Via Vigevano, 10, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon: 08.00-23.45 Tue-Sun: 09.00-23.45
€ 20-40
02 36534294

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