Eccentric dresses in the heart of Milan: Abside

A small shop in a hidden corner of the Milan next to the University Statale, perfect for those of you wanting to run away from the fashion brands: this is Abside! Inside the shop, there are, neatly arranged, t-shirts, shoes and accessories all designed either by Alessandro and Barbara, husband and wife and owners of the store, or by other young Italian artists. They are unique pieces, characterized by vibrant colors and stunning details: asymmetrical dresses, canvas shoppers with eccentric fantasies, hats with unusual shapes … at Abside you’ll always find something special.

When we have asked the reason behind the name, Alessandro looked at us smiling, raised a finger and declared: “Lots of people read it in the English way, with the “i” pronounced” “ai”. Instead, it is Italian d.o.c.! The apse (abside in italian) is a part of the church, and well, we are literally attached to San Nazzaro Maggiore. It is also an acronym of mine and my wife’s names.”. The couple met long ago when he was still a research biologist and she still worked at the Sole 24 Ore. Together, they have traveled a lot, they moved to New York for a while and, coming back to Italy, they decided to revolutionize their lives and opened this wonderful shop. “The prices,” says Alessandro “are affordable, starting from 20 euro of the necklaces up to 150 of the ponchos.” In addition, the store has also a large selection of used books, novels and essays, both in Italian and in their original languages.

If you want to own a unique piece of clothing that everyone will envy you, then go to Abside!

Additional information:

Vicolo Santa Caterina, 20122 Milano
02 58315234

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