Meet creativity, simplicity and taste: the Osteria Brunello

Are you looking for a nice place where you can eat, maybe in a beautiful zone of Milan, rich with tasty and exquisite food? If you think that it is necessary to spend a harm and a leg to pay for all of this, you are wrong: we have the ideal place for you. Along the elegant street of Corso Garibaldi, in a nice and lively zone of the city, you can find the Osteria Brunello.

Get in this beautiful place and try all the chef’s delicacies: every single dish is an explosion of taste. First of all, if you like raw food, we warmly suggest you to try the ricciola tartare (a kind of fish) or the fassona tartare (a kind of meat): both of them are so fresh that they will leave you with your mouth open. After the starter, we suggest you to try a first course, especially the spaghettone di Gragnano (a kind of pasta) with burrata (a kind of cheese from the South of Italy) and oil aromatized with basil – simple, healthy and really tasty!

Then, we suggest you to try the crunchy octopus with olive taggiasche (a kind of olives): simply delicious. Last but not least, you cannot miss one of their fantastic desserts. We really appreciated the three chocolates (ivoire, guanaja e tanariva) mousse: the perfect dish to end a perfect meal like this. Especially if you consider the quality-price ratio!

Additional information:

Corso Garibaldi, 117, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon-Sun: 12.30-14.30, 19.00-20.30
02 659 2973

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