Tigella’s or a culinary slice of Heaven on Earth

Have you ever heard of tigelle, which are the perfect accompaniment for gnocchi fritti? They are not typical Milanese food nor Lombard. They draw their origins from Modena, instead. But what do these dishes consist of? The tigella – also known ascrescenta o crescentina – is a tiny flat unleavened bread while the gnocco is a slice of square-shaped fried bread. And if you want to try some excellent tigelle and gnocchi fritti without paying an arm and a leg, we warmly suggest you to go to the Tigella’s. You can choose between the Tigella’s in Viale Corsica and another in Corso Garibaldi. Choose among a selection of cold cuts, all of high quality, and then you will receive tigelle, gnocchi fritti and condiments galore – you will be given stracchino (i.e. soft cheese), gorgonzola cheese and many more. The refill is guaranteed: the bag of tigelle will never be empty, as well as the plates of gnocchi fritti and condiments. But there is more. In this place, coeliacs are welcome too: on the menu, you can find a great amount of gluten free products. However, even though you do not have any kind of alimentary intolerance but you do want to have a lighter meal, you even have the possibility of choosing emmer wheat and kamut tigelle and gnocchi fritti. Is it or not a real culinary slice of Heaven on Earth?

Additional information:

Viale Corsica, 38, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon-Fri 19.00-23.00; Sat-Sun 12.30-14.30, 19.30-24.00
+39 0239543224

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