Zibo – Campo base

Zibo is the story of how a food track earned its place at the heart of Milan. After their first experience with street food, the two young chefs Alessandro Cattaneo and Giulio Potestà decided to open their ‘headquarters’ (campo base) in Sant’Ambrogio, where they could prepare the food for the truck and their catering company, and where customers could sit and have a proper meal.  

The two young talents had worked in Gualtiero Marchesi’s restaurant Alma and benefited from his expertise and invaluable know-how. Then, after several years spent working their way up in the kitchens, they decided to start their own business and embarked on a new life as travelling chefs on a food truck. They dreamed about independence, but opening a restaurant straight away would have been too complicated. 

The Zibo menu is street food quintessence: it’s filled with delicious, easy to eat specialities, inspired by Italian culinary traditions with a touch of the chefs’ creativity. To taste this incredible food, you can either follow the truck or visit the restaurant’s headquarters. Here is a sample of what is on the menu: 
–         Treats, such as pancakes and soups 
–       Ravioli of all kinds, from carbonara to pizzoccheri-flavoured ones (Pizzoccheri is a typical dish from the Italian Valtellina region made of buckwheat flat ribbon pasta, Bitto cheese, diced potatoes, Savoy cabbage and lots of butter!)
–        Sandwiches, ranging from pastrami to falafel
–        Dessert, including the delicious pistachio tiramisu and the house cheesecake

Short but overflowing with mouthwatering food, the menu is addictive and paired with an intimate, cozy ambience: it’s a hidden jewel accommodating only 30 people. 

Additional information:
Via Caminadella 21, Milano, MI, Italia
Tue-Sun 12.30 – 15.00 | 19.00 – 22.00

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